Patras Note

The Notes of Avinash Patra, Sr.

The Separation of Godhead


     Publisher: The Society of Arts,  & Oxofrd University Press, United Kingdom ; 1 edition (April 25, 2010)

In this earthly creation of Godhead, the highest evolved creation is human being. The Human mind consists of emotions and the greatest is “LOVE”. So; “Love Separation” gives passion of more pain, because the unity is to be observed in highest Consciousness of pleasure, which is “DIVINE LOVE” known as “BEATITUDE”. In this work the emotions of Separation of the Individual self and cosmic self that is Consciousness of Godhead is dealt.

Here the author provides:

Love can be got only through love.

Love transforms man’s animal nature.

Gopikas appeal to Krishna not to leave them.

Devotional Love of Gopikas is boundless.

Maternal Love Differs from Devotional love.

Love in carnates as Avatar to teach Love

Love is the basis for all Avatars

Difficulties bring out human values in man.

How can we develop love for the Lord?

Sahasa and Sadhana.

Implicit obedience merits its own.

Esoteric meaning of incidents in Krishna’s Life

Spiritual significance of Bhagavatam episodes.

The properties of turmeric and Kum

Meeting is higher than Separation.

Reviews and Awards :

"Magically described about divine Love separation of Hindu God Sri Krishna and His Consort Radharani." - BBC
"A major new contribution to understanding Divine Love Separation for future Oxford Religious Studies." - The Daily Telegraph
"A fantastic described" -The Huffington Post