Patras Note

The Notes of Avinash Patra, Sr.

The Spiritual divinity of Indian life

The Society of Arts,  & Oxofrd University Press, United Kingdom ; I edition (September 15, 2016)

I believe we the INDIANS, like all other peoples of the world, are naturally susceptible to flattery. But unfortunately they have been deprived of their share of it, even in wholesome measure, both by the Fates presiding at the making of their history as well as by the guests partaking of their salt. We have been declared inefficient in practical matters by our governors, foreign missionaries have created a vast literature proclaiming our moral obliquity, while casual visitors have expressed their opinion that we are particularly uninteresting to the intellectual mind of the West. Other peoples' estimate of our work is a great part of our world, and the most important other peoples in the present age being the Europeans, it has become tragic in its effect for us to be unable to evoke their appreciation. There was a time when India could touch the most sensitive part of Europe's mind by storming her imagination with a gorgeous vision of wealth. But cruel time has done its work and the golden illusion has vanished, leaving the ragged poverty of India open to public inspection, charitable or otherwise. Therefore epithets of a disparaging nature from the West find an easy target in India, be spattering her skin and piercing her vital parts. Epithets once given circulation die hard, for they have their breeding-places in our mental laziness and in our natural readiness to believe that whatever is different from ourselves must be offensive. Men can live through and die happy in spite of disparagement, if it comes from critics with whom they have no dealings. But unfortunately our critics not only have the power to give us a bad name, but also to hang us. They play the part of Providence over three hundred millions of aliens whose language they hardly know, and with whom their acquaintance is of the surface. Therefore the vast accumulation of calumny against India, continually growing and spreading over the earth, secretly and surely obstructs the element of heart from finding an entrance into our government. One can never do justice from a mere sense of duty to those for whom one lacks respect. And human beings, as we are, justice is not the chief thing that we claim from our rulers. We need sympathy as well, in order to feel that we have human relationship with them and thus retain as much of our self-respect as may be possible.

From the Author

Heartily thanks to the God of the Universe Shri Jagannath Who enabled me to research on such a exclusive needful issue of these days in the Indian society. I revere the patronage and moral support extended with love, by my parents whose blissful support and passionate encouragement made it possible for me to complete this project. I submit my heartiest gratitude to my respected Prof. Anuradha Dooney the lecturer of Indology & Religious studies at the The Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, The University of Oxford, United Kingdom, for her sincere guidance and help for completing this project. I am deeply indebted to my respected teachers and other members of religious studies department for their invaluable help in preparing this book. My joy knows no bounds in expressing my cordial gratitude to my best friend Sarmistha Kaur, and my co-editor Vishnupriya Devi Dasi. Their keen interest and encouragement were a great help throughout the course of this research work.I humbly extend my thanks to all concerned persons who co-operated with me in this regard.

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