Patras Note

The Notes of Avinash Patra, Sr.

                                            Quest for the Historical Jesus Christ and Christianity 

The Society of Arts,  & Oxofrd University Press , United Kingdom ; 2 edition (August 27, 2012, Revised Edition, 2015)

From the Inside Flap

Since long there is controversy form critical point of view about the historicity of Jesus Christ, because his birth, his missing link of life in world history, his twelve disciples and his preaching has much similarity with life of Lord Krishna(Godhead) his Lila’s and preaching of Lord Goutam Buddha, which has found mostly Vedic thoughts.

As most point of New Testament of holy bible has more similarity with Upnisad and Vedas, a critical study has been done in this study and proved that Cosmic’s Laws had preached by Vedic saints(Rishi’s) was revealed the cosmic Law’s repeated through religions and revelations by different God men by different periods. 


"Marvelous Work for all generation"  -The Guardian