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Narendra Modi: A Political Biography

By Avinash Patra, Sr. |  June, 30 2015

This book is more Informative and good read about Modi's elevation from a "chaiwala" to an eminent leader. A perfect example of the Great Indian Democracy.

Some good lines....

"Emergency years was one the best experience that I had. I became aware; I understood the Constitution. I understood the rights, because before that I was living in a different world. The emergency became a university for me!"

"The appeal increased to the extent the ideology got diluted. Wherever the ideology was strong, its appeal diminished!" - Advani on Jan Sangh.

"All the allegations act as my fodder, all the criticism is my fodder, which improves me!"

"Those who throw stones at me, I collect the stones and make a staircase, and I am going up and up. With the help of those stones I am rising and rising and rising!"

"For centuries, India was exploited by Foreigners. Indian resources were used for Western benefit. It is time to use Western Money for Indian benefit!"