Patras Note

The Notes of Avinash Patra, Sr.

My Dear Sweet Heart

The Society of Arts,  & Oxofrd University Press, United Kingdom  ; I, Chancellor Edition edition (September 13, 2010)

From the Inside Flap: In 10, Sep 2009 an afternoon Avinash took His lunch and after came outside from hotel restaurant, and that same time he saw a tree and his leaf also, he saw a Great Separation of this creature. 

    Here the author provides:

Avinash wanted to tell His readers that he saw a leaf fall down to her tree, he knows that: everybody thinks it’s a common happening, but he wanted to tell everybody that a leap stay in a tree full one year and in the end ofthe year she fall down to earth, and She said "oh! My dear sweet heart, which days I passed with you, it’s my life’s most Miracle days and I never forget those days in my lifetime, know now I can’t reach you till end of my life, but I pray to God: oh! My Lord pleases blesses me till my ending of life, I remember those days, which was I passed with him." 

So, Dear readers He wanted to tell a Major thing is that he convert Leap and Tree Separation to Lord Krishna and Smt. Radharani Pure Love Separation, with hope that; who read his beautiful books he/she feel same feeling, which he was described before the lines. 


"A Well Written Poetry Ever."- The Daily Telegraph