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This is my personal site with great supporting of The University of OxfordUnited Kingdom for sharing thoughts about Indian, "Hindu Ancient Culture and diversity", Specifically Vaishnavism way of life.

Hopefully You enjoy the way of life with peace and harmony.


Avinash Patra, Sr. 

Raphael: The Drawings

The Ashmolean’s captivating summer show brings together 120 stunning works from international collections spanning the brief but brilliant career of this Renaissance genius.

Aged only 37 when he died, Raphael’s fame in drawing had a transformative effect on European art over centuries. This exciting exhibition focuses on his extraordinary creativity, and shows how exploration and experimentation shaped his breathtakingly accomplished drawings.

The Ashmolean’s unrivalled Raphaels are joined by superb works from the Albertina and loans from other international collections including the Louvre, the Uffizi and Her Majesty the Queen. Drawings include the exquisite Head of a Muse, which broke records when auctioned at Christies in 2009, as well as the sublime Heads and Hands of two Apostles, considered to be the finest drawing Raphael ever made.

Witness the expressive power of Raphael’s drawings and see how they still ‘speak’ to us today, almost 500 years after they were created.

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The University of Oxford Indian Edition Podcast 

The University of Oxford has longstanding connections with India, dating to 1579, when Father Thomas Stephens, from New College, was the first recorded Englishman to visit India. Ties have strengthened through time, with the creation of the Boden Chair in Sanskrit in 1832 and the arrival of Oxford’s first Indian students in 1871. The Indian society of Oxford University, has a proud tradition of Indian Edition Podcasts and its own distinguished scholarly list.

Today, Oxford University is a thriving location for the study of India. We have started a new postgraduate degree in Modern South Asian Studies, including language studies, and the new MSc in Contemporary India welcomed its first intake of students in 2008. Elsewhere, Oxford scientists are connecting with their Indian counterparts through unique networks in physics, cancer research and other fields.

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My Research Team

Glad to have the world renowned professor/ authors in my team of research on Indian ancient culture

Diana L. Eck

Chief Advisory Patron
Professor of Comparative Religion and Indian Studies & member of the Faculty of Divinity at Harvard University   

Stephen Baxter

Director of Research Fellow Committee 
Clarendon Associate Professor; Barron Fellow in Medieval History, The University of Oxford 

Dr Becker-Lindenthal

Research Adviser of Philosophy & History

Research Associate Professor at the Facility of Research, University of Cambridge